Tournament rules updated for 2020 (bolded)


Finnish Basketball Association rules will be applied with the following exceptions:

  • Effective playing time 2x14 min. in age groups U14/U13. One timeout/period.
  • Effective playing time 2x12 min in age groups U8-U12. One timeout/period.
  • All age groups, except U8, U9 and U10, game mode is 5 vs. 5 players.
  • In U8, U9 and U10 age groups the game mode is 4 vs 4 players.
  • Age groups U14/U13; ball size 6, hoop/rim height 3,05m
  • Age group U12; Ball size 5, hoop/rim height 3,05m
  • Age group U11 and youngers; ball size 5, hoop/rim height 2,60m
  • Possible overtime 3min effective playing time (1 time out). The overtime is started by a jump ball. If there is need for another overtime, the ”sudden death” principle is applied (the team that scores first, wins).
  • Team fouls 6/period. Team fouls remain in effect for possible overtime.
  • If team is late more than 15 minutes, it forfeits the game
  • If a team forfeits a game, the score will be 20-0.
  • There isn´t much time for warm-up at the field between games.
  • Possible protest must be delivered within 15min after the game. At the same time team must pay a pro-test fee of 50 euro which will be returned if the protest is accepted. Tournament jury handles the protest and its decision is final. There are no re-plays.
  • It should be noted that zone defense is forbidden in age groups between U8-U12. In age groups U14/U13 both man-to-man and zone are allowed during the whole game.
  • If teams tie in division the winner of mutual game is ranked higher. If more than two teams tie in division higher ranked is
  1. The win/loss record (division points) of the games between the teams concerned
  2. Score difference of the games between the teams involved
  3. Score difference of all games
  4. Lottery

Score difference is calculated like this:
made points divided with points opponent made for example results 50-40 and 25-35, the score diff erence is 75/75 = 1,00

All winning teams in different division will receive a trophy.

Best three teams per divison will also receive medals (max. 12 ea / team).

All players in the lowest age groups will receive a special diploma from the tournament.

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